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Johan Thelander Discaholic interview — april 2018 Are you an official discaholic?
Is there such a thing?
What categorize a discaholic?
I definately think there is such as thing as being a discaholic.
And I can forget my passport when traveling but would never forget the list to the different record stores of the places I´m going to.
Also a discaholic has a sixth sense of finding records and record stores — every time you go somewhere you always find opportunities to do some diggin.
So yes I admit; Hi my name is Johan, and I´m a discaholic.
But loving every bloody second of it, because music is the most beautiful thing mankind has created.
When did you start collect?
How come you started to collect vinyls?
My father always collected records and he also writes about music, so records and music have always been a huge part in our home and life and I was always fascinated by them.
He doesn´t play any instruments but he collects and still does.
Early on I remember how I always loved to go to the recordstores with him, to hear all the adults listen and talk about music.
At first I was strictly just into hiphop, but sometimes when my father played some jazz, fusion or rock I could recognize elements from my hiphop records, in a way that I understood that the hiphop I listened to, came from samples.
That lead me to take interest in and discover a lot of music from different genres.
At first I collected cd´s since it was newly released stuff hiphop and it was cheaper to buy the music on cd than on the vinyl release, and I wanted to hear and get as much hiphop as I could.
I think I somehow know it would be vinyl in the end, because when it came to hiphop I wasn´t much interested in the rappers, I was always more fascinated by the DJ.
Take the classic rap group RUN DMC as an example: I never cared so much about Run or Dmc, I always felt Jam Master Jay — the DJ- were the coolest of them three.
Was vinyl the first thing you collected?
I can definitely see similarities to my record collecting behaviours as an adult today… Are you specialised in any categories or genres?
Both yes and no.
I listen to and collect a lot of different music.
But the last years it´s mostly been about Swedish jazz, from 1950 and forward to this day.
Jazz in general is my main thing and my biggest record fix.
Hiphop of course, that´s what started it all and I still love it.
Lathe cuts, cassettes, flexis, reel-to- reels or 8 — tracks … what is the best alternative to a regular vinyl release?
Of course I prefer vinyl but my discaholic diagnose is more connected to the music than the format.
I always gave people cassettes, played them in school and recorded stuff from the radio.
They are a bit unpractical and soundwise the best alternative to vinyl is cd´s in my ears.
I have a couple of thousand of them.
What is so appealing with EP ´ s?
One part is the active listening that the format demands, it´s quite short so you cant sit down — you must be there, standing by the reord player and just listen.
Then you have to change the side or the record.
So that you can fully let the music take over your senses.
Another major argument is that much of the music that can be found on ep´s has never been released on lp´s.
The unique cover art is also an important aspect of my obsessions with ep´s.
Swedish jazz ep´s often has the most beautiful photos, often taken by Bengt H.
Malmqvist the Swedish Francis Wolff!
I find it lucky spin records fascinating that not more collectors are hooked up and obcessed to this format.
I believe that many collectors are audiophiles and when it come to ep´s - especially swedish jazz ep´s from the fifties — you cant be too picky about the sound quality.
There´s gonna be some hissing from the pressings and often some marks on them, but collectors will be missing out on a lot of good stuff!
It is such an epic song!
I nearly cry every time I hear it… What gives you the buzz?
Whenever Pär at Swejazz says he has gotten something that would interest me… What is your dream find : Of existing vinyls?
My dream in the end is to have complete catalogues of Monica Zetterlund and of course Lars Gullin.
Of non- existing vinyls?
In 1970-71 there were plans of a record with Gullin and Zetterlund, with texts by Olle Adolphson that could have been some outer world stuff, but it never happened sadly.
If Jimi Hendrix hadn´t died and he and Miles had recorded an album together, like they were planning.
For example it would be cool to hear a recording of Karin Krog when she played there in may 1964.
And I would love to see what would have happened if Börje Fredriksson had gotten a longer life, and the same goes for Coltrane of course.
How do you buy your records mostly?
It´s been strictly local shops or when travelling somewhere, in real shops.
Sometimes from friends or other collectors, until now.
Since I started an Instagram page where I post my records I´ve made a lot of connections to good and friendly collectors around the globe and some tradin has taken place.
It´s getting harder and harder to find my wants so eventually I probably must go more online.
But I´m not really happy about the online activity, the physical digging plays a major role in my discaholic diagnose.
I wanna see the records, browse thru them and talk and interact with the shop keeper and people in the shops.
The best deals are done over a friendly chat about music while sharing a coffee and you can´t get that on eBay or discogs.
When an auction is over at eBay your hands are still clean.
I don´t like it.
I love to get my fingers muddy and dirty from the actual diggin!
One of my favorite thing is to browse through the cover collection archive over at Birkajazz… And I can read discographies and session listings for hours on the net.
Do you have a network of people to trade with?
Not at the moment, but I am slowly building more and more relations with other discaholics.
I have made some trades and exchanges but not so many, so I ´m not very familiar with this aspects of the discaholic behaviour.
Yet… I may add.
Is trading records the most fun you can have with your clothes on?
Like I said above, my experience in that field is quite limited.
Is trading records the ultimate intimacy?
I would say that to sit with any other discaholic and discuss, listen and maybe trade some records is an intimacy that is hard to beat.
To share music with each other is like sharing a bit of your souls to each other.
Describe a perfect hunting day!
Coffee don´t do anything without it first firstly!
After a pretty long breakfast with the family I go and have a quick workout at the gym.
Vinyl, good people and coffee!
How do you sort your collection?
But I actually know were things are, so it´s workin for me.
I keep track on my records in some mysterious way.
Can discaholism be cured?
Did Coltrane play the trumpet?
Any Beatles record that will surface and that only exists in one copy — cause those Beatles collectors seems to be dead serious, not just metaphorically speaking… What record would create world peace?
John Coltrane — A Love Supreme.
What record has changed your life most dramatically?
Dr Dre — the Chronic, my first album and the one that started it all.
Hiphop lead me on to the wonderful world of jazz or all music I guess… For the best?
John Coltrane — A Love Supreme, It played an important part at my wedding last summer.
And it´s essential in my life.
No, can´t remember one.
Someones trash is another ones treasure… What records do I wanna steal from your collection?
Most of the jazz I think you already have so it probably should be the two best swedish rap records ever made.
What record do you wanna steal from the discaholic website?
It´s only one tool for parcels and packages — the good ol´ Stanley knife!
Always make coffee first!
I must have time to really enjoy it, open it, feel it, smell it, weigh it in my hand, study the cover, read the liner notes and then listen to it.
Do you have a special record bag with you when you shop?
I have a recordbag from the british label Soul Jazz records.
Since it is from the UK it keeps away water pretty well.
But I´m planning on getting a new one.
I have one in mind, if only the recordshop will sell it to me….
Just be aware that tattoos can be equally as addictive as records, once you start you´re hooked.
But I have already several other music tattoos.
Basically you could say that all my tattoos are either politically related or musically, many times both combined!
What is the first section you hit, while arriving to a vinyl shop, where you have never been before?
Then the jazz lp section.
My absolute favorite singer is actually the lebanese singer Fairuz… The section where you would never look in?
Country or Heavy Metal.
What is your favorite record shop in the world?
Golous Skivbörs in Stockholm.
I rarely find anything there anymore but it is more for sentimental reasons and lucky spin records fact that I have been going there since before I was 10 with my father.
So, for over 20 years has that store provided me with records.
Micke, who runs it, has opened my eyes to so much good stuff over the years.
If in stockholm; there are four stores you cant miss, all runned by wonderful people with knowledge and they are like my second home.
They are so much more than just recordshops.
Favorite city for vinyl hunting?
Apart from my hometown Stockholm, it is Gothenburg.
There are always great titles floating around in that city.
Lovely shopkeepers and better prices than in Stockholm.
As a child I used to travel there together with my father to buy records.
My brother in law lives there so I got the chance to go there and dig a couple of times every year.
London is a favorite too.
I always find great ska, rocksteady and dub there.
I dream about digging in Beirut, Tokyo and Istanbul.
Three cities I´ve decided that I must go too just for discaholic reasons.
Give us a list of your 5 favorite: Jazz eps: The ones I´ve enjoyed the most over time or at certain stage in my life is in no particular order; Lars Gullin — Danny´s Dream, Jan Johansson — Mäster Johans gata 12 spridda skurar!
Honorable mention; Miles Davis — Ascenseur pour l´échafaud.
Monica Zetterlund — Taklagsskivan one of my rarest ep´s.
But I could go on for hours probably.
Lists like this is damn hard to make.
To narrow it all down to just five?!?
Impossible Record labels: Metronome, Blue Note, Impulse, Death Row Records and Studio One.
Is this interview too long?
Haha maybe a bit but I enjoyed it all the way, more concerned about the readers though… Do you work with a wantlist?
Oh yes, I have several.
For different genres, artists, labels… Top want ep´s jazz: Jan Henning lucky spin records Indiana ColumbiaGullin´s Polydor ep and the one with Jutta Hipp.
Bernt Rosengren — The new Beat Generation.
Lars Werner — Point of View.
Staffan Abeleen — Djingis Khan.
Lp´s: there are so many… but to mention just one — it would be Monica Zetterlund — Swedish Sensation Columbia.
One of the records I´ve been searching the most after is actually a cd never been released on vinyl.
I had it when it came out in 1994 but it´s been lost for over ten years now.
It´s Latin Kings first album in its Spanish version.
If anybody out there has a copy, please let me know I start to go crazy because of it!
How hard can it be to find a bloody cd??
One thing about wantlists or discaholic diagnosis is that general rule that could be applied to it; for every record you buy, it leads you to two new ones that you want.
So it´s a never ending cycle.
It is a gift and a curse, and I´m lovin´it!
What in your discaolism behaviours havent you told us about yet?
Anything you want to share with us?
The social aspect of it — it wouldn´t be the same if it wasn´t for all the people — discaholics, collectors, musiclovers I´ve meet thru the years.
The interaction with people that you probably wouldn´t have met otherwise.
But you have gotten to know them because of a shared interest in music and record collecting, That is the the most beautiful aspects of discaholism.
Who do you wanna see get interviewed in this serie of discaholic interviews?
Elena Wolay — Jazz är farligt!
She seems to have such an eclectic and diverse taste and deep knowledge.
Why arent there more female vinyl collectors around?
Hard to know for sure but one of the aspects is the overall inequality in society between the genders and that leads to that male dominated environments.
And I think the same goes for record stores, record fairs and so on… that´s fucked up.
Music and record collecting should be open to all, to collect.
It should be fun.
And the whole discaholic experience get so much deeper, fun and learnable thru the meetings and sharings with other people.
What record is closest to sex?
Which one is no sex at all?
Record hunt: Live session: very early freer jazz from poland!
ONE PIECE OF VINYL PER DAY KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY an amazing book on Lars Werner- the great swedish piano player the action man extra ordinaire — is out!!!
Hur ligger den egentligen till i och ur ett Internationellt perspektiv?
Hur ses den på?
Och hur opartiska är vi när vi bedömer oss själva gentemot jazzmusik i andra länder i allmänhet och framförallt med USA i synnerhet?
Självinsikter, okunskaper, förfördelande, patriotismer och andra mekanismer i rörelse.
Men pinsamt nog, så agerar många skribenter enligt ett förhärligande chauvinistiskt perspektiv, där betyg på svensk jazz har en helt egen skala och egentligen får oproportionerligt höga bedömningar, i somliga fall rent pinsamt höga.
Värdekriterierna verkar vara, i många fall, helt uppåt väggarna.
Det är som en omvänd jantelag av någon outgrundlig anledning.
Jazzkritiken i sig själv kan vi återvända till… den finns mycket att orda om ur ett musikerperspektiv såväl som från andra vinklar.
Min huvudtes förblir dock att svenska recensioner är ytterst mjäkiga och åsikterna är väldigt allmänt hållna.
Har de helt försvunnit i vår överfiltrerade värld?
Jag saknar Ingemar Glanzelius.
Det är en sak att ge medelmåttlig svensk jazz 4 stjärnor, men att inte ens vara entusiastisk???
En 4 i betyg betyder väl att musiken är mycket bra?
Våga såga — våga hylla!
Men ok… utländska jazzintresserade kanske inte tar del av dessa nutida recensioner, då de är skrivna på svenska?
Det är ju i all välmening vi gör detta.
Vi vill den svenska jazzen väl.
Men… varför på detta sätt?
Är er ödmjuke krönikör ute och cyklar nu igen?
Observera att vi ropar ej efter jazzpolis här.
Vi vill ju bara att musik, om den nu skall betygsättas, skall värderas efter samma premisser.
Vad vi säkert vet, med historiens perspektivgaranti, är att svensk jazz faktiskt har stått sig oförskämt bra.
Dåtida svenska ikoner såsom Lars Gullin, Börje Fredriksson, Jan Johansson, Per Henrik Wallin, Monica Z, Berndt Egerbladh och andra fortfarande aktiva som Bernt Rosengren och Georg Riedel, samt nutida ikoner såsom Esbjörn Svensson, Raymond Strid, Jonas Kullhammar, Goran Kajfes och Fredrik Ljungkvist.
De har alla satt avtryck på den Internationella scenen, på det ena eller andra sättet.
Men helt klart… definitiva avtryck.
Detta är en objektiv sanning.
Sverige är faktiskt ett av väldigt få länder som verkligen satt sin prägel på vår älskade globala jazzmusik, ur ett större perspektiv.
Vi anser, om vi skall hårddra det hela, att egentligen kanske det är bara England, Tyskland, Frankrike och då Sverige, i Europa, som bidragit med både spets och bredd, historiskt sett.
Även om nu både Finländska, Danska och Norska medborgare nu kanske skriker högt.
Dessa båda länder har ju mer bidragit med enstaka spetsar såsom t.
Edward Vesala och Juhani Aaltonen, John Tchicai och Svend Asmussen, respektive Jan Garbarek, Karin Krog och Bjarne Nerem.
Sverige har trots allt haft en bredd som saknar motstycke i norra Europa.
Att inom ramen för denna krönika ge exempel och namnge det motsatta, alltså svenska musiker som bara habilt och efterapande försökt spela jazz… är oss motbjudande.
Herregud, vad tanker ni, kära läsare???
Folk kan ju faktiskt ta illa upp!
Och de är tyvärr ganska många till antalet… Men faktum kvarstår.
Bedömningen, betygen på de medelmåttiga svenska jazzvaxen är lite lätt felkalibrerade.
Fortsätt gärna läsa kära Ni, snart kommer vi till själva navet I krönikan.
En ovanlig och fantastisk jazzvinyl.
Om ni tycker att undertecknad verkligen är ute och cyklar eller måhända åker skidor utan fästvalla… Skriv oss gärna en rad.
Det är inom ramen för denna eminenta jazztidskrift att debatten förs öppet.
Många välmenande projekt har gjorts för den svenska jazzen, Internationellt under åren.
I USA, England, Sydafrika och egentligen mest överallt i världen.
De flesta har dock stupat kvalitetsmässigt, då ryggkliandet har nått löjeväckande proportioner.
Utan hjälp av ett öga utifrån, så står sig den svenska jazzen idag, rätt illa.
Vi binder oss ris över både korsryggar och näsryggar.
Det personliga uttrycket, språket… måste prioriteras i högre grad.
Det är ju vad som gav de namngivna ovan, deras roller såväl musikaliskt såsom historiskt.
Epigoneriets fördummande effekter må stävjas.
Såväl inom jazzpressens domäner såsom hos arrangörer och institutioner.
Som sagt, vi vill icke ta jazzpolisens smakdominerande roll här… utan vi vill bara skapa ett rimligt perspektiv och en objektiv syn på det hela.
Men det finns dock en del riktigt underbara och charmerande försök att lansera den svenska jazzen, utanför det institutionella förhärligandets förtecken.
Nu snackar vi försök där eldsjälar satsat friskt och fullt ut, därför att de verkligen trott på musikens kraft och kvalitet.
Det finns, tack och lov, mängder av exempel på detta.
Svensk musik förpackades och skickades med turister till utlandet.
I en udda förpackningskostym, i gul och blå klangfärg, gavs musiken ut.
I starkt förkortade versioner, blandat med mer traditionell svensk musik av folklig härkomst, förtjänstfullt applicerat av Gert Palmkrantz.
Lättviktiga stycken arrangerade av pseudonymen W.
Men Werner- Rosengren- kvartettens musik är stark.
Fantastiskt fin, balanserad och kreativ jazz, enligt eder utsände.
Pianospelets flytande stringens, tenorens varma klangkärna, kontrabasens navigering och trumspelets dansande lätthet.
Allt bidrar till en musik som har ett starkt personligt anslag och uttryck.
Vi sätter just Bombastica plattan som en av de främsta Svenska jazzvaxen någonsin!
Originalet går faktiskt fortfarande att hitta i bra skick till en oförskämt undervärderad nivå, såväl på nätet som i butik.
Men denna sagda EP är dessvärre mycket svår att uppbringa.
Och den är gjord på BLÅ VINYL!!!
Lugn nu bara… det finns en CD utgåva ack… detta kortlivade format… på normgivande svenska etiketten Dragon, med både den klassiska Bombastica- plattan, som ursprungligen gav ut på amerikanska etiketten Jazzland, samt dessa 6 spår, i full längd.
Here is your souvenir from Sweden with alltime musical memories.
Ensemblen bestod av Charlie Norman på spikpiano, Roffe Berg och Rune Gustafsson på div.
Nils-Bertil Dahlander på trummor och Hasse Burman på bas.
Svensk jazz är bra!
Svensk jazz ÄR bra.
Både då och nu.
HAPPPYSOUNDS IN SWEDEN JET EP 02 VAXDAX lucky spin records Välkomna tillbaks till ännu en utav svarvade spår i vinyl dominerad krönika.
För tillvaron i allmänhet och vad anbelangar vinylrelaterad verksamhet i synnerhet.
VAXDAX vill gärna betrakta denna parameter ur några olika perspektiv.
Svart, vit, transparent, röd, grön, marmorerad, splatter… färgvariationerna och möjligheterna är oändliga.
Det existerar ju en allmän uppfattning och sanning att den svarta vinylen låter bäst.
Färgen är ju en parameter som har betydelse för upplevelsen av varje specifik vinyl.
Och aspekten av vilken färg som låter bäst, har sedan vinylens tillblivelse dominerat diskussionen.
Det existerar redan från början en uppsjö av olika färgvariationer, men svart har dominerat.
VAXDAX går dock igång väldeliga på många av de vackert röda pressningar som t.
Fantasy Records producerade på 50 — talet, med bl.
För att inte tala om de vackert svagt genomskinligt röda pressningarna som American Music gjorde med bl.
Bunk Johnson och George Lewis i tiotums format.
Vi vill i denna krönika ta död på just myten av att den svarta vinylen skulle låta bäst.
Det är ju inte sant.
Vi kan ju icke låta bli att sticka ut tonarmen och hävda att — så här ligger det till, kära medberoende bröder och systrar: Vad som låter bäst är den transparenta vinylen.
Det är nämligen ursprungsstadiet för vinylen.
Svart eller annan färg.
Det må vara egalt.
Vi har diskuterat detta fenomen med branschfolk, där framförallt ljudgurun Steve Albini på Electrical Audio i Chicago har fått oss att förstå mekanismerna bakom det hela, vad gäller ljudöverföringens kvalitet i de av oss älskade spåren av olikfärgade vinyler, månde vara i stereo eller i mono.
Detta är ju för övrigt en annan debatt som ni trodde var död sedan länge, men som vi gärna sätter stiftet på senare: vad låter bättre — Stereo eller Mono?
Vi vill gärna hävda att lucky spin records med en schysst mononål kan slå världen med häpnad, för att apostrofera Joakim Pirinens Socker- Conny!
Albini är ju inte direkt känd för många jazzproduktioner genom åren, hans storhet har snarare bevisats genom plattor med t.
PJ Harvey, Nirvana, The Stooges, Shellac och The EX.
Men Albinis expertis är ovedersäglig.
Det är nämligen så att om presseriet verkligen rengör maskinerier ordentligt och minutiöst och på så sätt eliminerar alla gamla pressrester, utav olika färger, så kommer den rena transparenta vinylen att låta bäst.
Oförorenad av färg får just denna vinyl den klart den bästa återgivningen av den pressade musiken.
Precision och renlighet, likt högvärdig matlagning.
Sedan är det ju en annan historia vad gäller känslan av upplevelsen.
En 180 grams svart vinyl känns alltid bra.
En 220 grams vit vinyl får mitt DNA att lätt omfördelas.
Så med dåligt rengjorda maskiner låter egentligen den svarta vinylen bäst.
Tillbaks till ruta noll.
En annan aspekt av färg är självfallet olikfärgade omslag av samma skivutgivning.
Det finns några skivor i VAXDAX´s av samlande distorderade värld som verkligen är värda att leta efter, att hitta alla, ALLA, varianter av.
Det är framförallt två vinyler med vår husgud Albert Ayler.
Båda album är klassiker som gavs ut i mitten av 60 — talet av det essentiella och banbrytande amerikanska bolaget ESP och dess grundare Bernard Stollman.
Stora, allmängiltiga mål under ett mycket kreativt årtionde av politisk och ideologisk turbulens, engagemang och ambition.
Musiken är utgiven på bara en sida av den transparenta!
Vad som gör designen riktigt spektakulär är att detta album finns i massor av variationer.
Med omslaget också screentryckt i alternativt svart eller vit bakgrund, men även i andra färger!
Detta i kombination med att även vinylen finns i andra färger än transparent, t.
Något för komplettisten att jobba på!
Observera att det existerar en förpress av detta album där silkscreentrycket är gjort på en silver eller bronsfolie!
Det album som först på riktigt kom att lösa upp de musikaliska rollerna i en konventionell sättning.
Där trummorna ej håller tempi eller regelrätta perioder.
Där flöde, form och energi har större värden.
Där accenter och pausering tar över från regelrätt tidshållande.
Basen blir det drivande elementet.
Det nav var runt musiken lever.
Saxen går rakt på emotionerna.
En direkt drabbande musik som ej går att värja sig ifrån.
En musik som lever i nuet.
Ord kan på intet sätt illustrera denna musiks värden och gestalt.
Musiken blir ett tillstånd.
Som är fortsatt giltigt.
Som förändrade jazzens riktning för alltid och även dess funktion.
Från underhållning till nödvändighet.
VAXDAX sätter detta album högst.
Är det då inte underbart att även denna platta finns i olika färgversioner?
Det klassiskt vita omslaget med en svart stilistisk figur kramandes en saxofon, samt den inverterade varianten, med svart bakgrund och en vit figur.
Vinylen finns bara i svart.
MEN det finns en alternativ pressning!!!
Kom ihåg var ni läste om detta först!
Originalet kommer med omslaget i silkscreen tryck, i ett antal olika färgvarianter, rostrött, brunaktigt eller svart.
Med ett himmelskt vackert designat häfte med texter av poeten Paul Haines instoppat i konvolutet.
Men… inte nog med det.
Den heliga graalen är förpressen av denna klassikers klassiker.
Ett silkscreen tryck på ockrafärgad bakgrund med albumet numrerat av Ayler själv.
Det existerar väldigt få exemplar av denna förstudie… Ett album att dö för.
Vilken är din favoritfärg?
Is there such a thing?
Do you need help with it?
Is there a cure?
But in the real world… not hardly.
I self medicate, thank you.
But no one will take it.
Which one is the best vinyl shop in the history?
By college I got the record thing and Madison Wi.
I was lucky enough to run one of them Paradise records into the ground by the time I left school.
The pricing was CRAZY and by the time I worked there it was carrying EVERYTHING, jazz wise.
Great store to get music in.
From musicians Shops and musicians.
I think Adrienne would trash them if she could.
Once a long time ago strict alpha but now I like them just, you know, around.
Find something new every time you move a stack.
Helps you Keep your mind active and alert.
Is trading records the ultimate intimacy?
No, live music is the best!
I wish I could see more of it.
Get you head out of your ass!
It makes soul and reggae collecting easy.
AND if I shit the disk up!
Well, I buy another.
What records by them are your personal favorites?
The most obscure ones?
By the way — have you heard the Lp where Ken is playing reggae?
Shit, anything Fred is on!
You had your own label before Okka disk, right?
What did u produce then?
I liked doing it but… by then my heart was in the jazz.
Very little classical, sorry, too little time.
I was listening to a lot of industrial shit and he told me that they could make just as much of a racket AND actually play instrument!
Well… he was fucking right.
Never regretted it, a great ride!
Music not much after this one… but 2.
Message - Any other parameters of importance?
That list is way more than I have ever thought of.
Vinyl is just beautiful.
Like I said CDs are okay by me.
But just like the UPC code on LPs the ugliest thing EVER on a record.
I am really sorry that your disc is the only one on okka with a UPC code on the art.
The first few okkadisks.
After they came out I was in the hallway selling records and not at the damn show.
I love what I do.
Never a worst around when you have records - What records do I wanna steal from your collection?
I want to look at those white label 45s that Corbett was talking about.
What is important, from a vinyl perspective, to get a bar seriously kickin?
A good DJ is what you need.
If they are worth anything the joint should be cool.
What good record is only worth a beer?
I ever tell you the story of the sad fucker who came into the Hopleaf, sat down next to the juke, kerplunked quarters and played every cry in my beer country song, one after another.
God, sorry your gal left you.
But fuck- all now we all have to be sad as well.
Never let the customer control the mood.
What covers do you currently dig in your own bars?
I go to the walls and the counter first.
I can follow you all into the jazz, African or rock sections.
All evidence was stolen from a Toyota pick-up in LA a long time ago, thankfully.
Ken and I are talking about some DKV stuff and we will have the new Margots out this summer.
What are the rarest records you have seen passing by the shop?
I have some nice Bill Dixon LPs and some other goodies.
The cool thing was I got a lot of new vinyl from that time Hat Art doubles, Po Torch, Cadence, Leo, Nimbus etc… - Our own experience from working in record stores… is that you end up earning no cash at all… but rapidly building up your own collection.
It is a wonder how little a young man needs to live on.
Beer, records, more beer, more records.
How did I pay my rent?
How did I find girls to go out with me.
I remember being out with three girls all night drinking and partying handcuffed to a bed a one point and still getting home with a big bag of records under my arm, safe and sound.
Sure but so what.
So do I need those LPs I missed?
Hand written note from Bill Dixon to a reviewer talking about the solos on the split LP with Archie Shepp, Savoy MG-12184 very cool.
Great copy of Intents and Purposes, as well on that same day.
Are there any specifics that give the discaholic away?
Like any nerd, just start talking and poof there they are.
Or other weird incidents, regarding Discaholic behaviors?
But is that from finding or not lucky spin records who knows.
Or is this a men only activity?
But this is a boys world after all.
The women or significant others of discahalics stop capitalizing the word.
Who are the real victims of this illness!
I got the beer already.
Is there such a thing?
I have many - aholics which I lucky spin records to survive… discaholoism is a form of obsession and pleasure.
I have a friend who was a heroin user for many years, went through the worst typical junkie periods etc but he survived and cleaned up eventually.
He has been VERY sober for a few decades now, save his allowance of intense record collecting.
This is a form of healing and therapy, and he inspired this perspective in myself.
Do you need help with it?
What I need help with is organizing and storage of my collection in a useful, ordered way instead of the piles of chaos which invade every corner of my habitation.
When did you start collecting?
Once I found underground mailorder and tape trading collecting became an obsession, love and full priority.
Was vinyl the first thing you collected?
No, I collected comics for ages as a youth, then cassettes both published albums and tape trades … then CDs.
The exception is probably 7 inches.
What was the first piece of vinyl you got?
Can you still feel the vibe from it?
Just learned recently that the Arkestra was the band on much of that LP.
What gives you the buzz?
Do you still get the buzz?
Putting on music does something crucial to my brain and the environment… seems like such simple, obvious solution to many problems or mood issues.
How do you buy your records mostly nowadays?
This is an important relationship.
I buy tons on discogs actually, not so much ebay any more… I guess the whole bidding thing is boring.
Also this turns right into stories of peoples experiences with the bands, musicians, histories etc.
In Copenhagen last week the promoter spent an hour talking about early Neubauten concerts there the first two times where they threw molotov cocktails into the audience.
How do you measure your collection?
Because I have a storage space in a warehouse in Ivry filled with all of my possessions pre 2007… the year I moved to France.
There are many score boxes of music LPs, CDs, tapes which have sadly been hibernating uncracked since February 2007.
There are also a lot of speaker cabinets and amplifiers, gear in this space, and books.
How do you sort your collection?
I live in a small flat with my lady… she is super into books and I am too in addition to albums.
I have a big Haino section in my NYC stacks… a lot of live bootlegs I got from an old trader named Scott Slimm of aRCHIVE label as well as all the official releases etc.
I admit that I do like this type of mess because every time I get some time at home to look through it and spend some afternoons and evenings swimming in the music I find shit I totally forgot about, or do not know where it came from or what it is.
There is a kind of luck logic to it but my lady does get annoyed frequently as she cannot find anything without spending 20 minutes searching.
How would a soundtrack to one of Richard Serra ´s black and round paintings sound like?
Who would play on such?
Isn ´t that serie of paintings all about vinyls and grooves?
What was your first release at all on vinyl?
Burning Witch «Towers» on Slap-a-Ham recorded 96 and released in 1998.
Thank you Chris Dodge.
It still blows my mind as Albini recorded it first album he recorded in Seattle apparently and it was on that cult label!!!
Can discaholism be cured?
I wonder if record label directors or record store owners are trying to do this or if that is more like a alcoholic opening a bar or a coke head opening a nightclub.
Purity through complete and total immersion?
What record can set off a war?
I note the fact that the theme music of the US middle east military actions of the past 20 years seems to have been highly informed by death metal.
That seems so fucking obvious but is too sad at the same time.
It validates the worst stereotypes.
There have been some fallouts resulting from mid-period SABBATH.
I like that SKINNY PUPPY is suing the State Department for use of their music in Guantanemo.
What record would create peace?
«Live in Toronto 1969» What record has changed your life most dramatically?
I think that was a giant step for the better personally and artistically.
I love record shopping in Tokyo.
People seems just made for it and there are so many possibilities of discoveries, STILL.
Maybe a guy trying to get clean of his -aholism.
Udon lunch in Shinjuku just north of the station you know the place.
Watch the skies for crashing police helicopters.
What records do I wanna steal from your collection?
click the following article record do you wanna steal from the discaholic website?
How do you steal an LP from a website?
But do you have any G.
Lathe cut, cassette, flexi, reel-to- reel or 8 — track … what is the best alternative to a regular vinyl release?
I still pick up tons of shit on disc.
I have a PROEDGE Xacto knife which has done the honors for as long as I can remember.
I think I acquired that thing in college.
If I can do this without losing my agility it is very very satisfying.
I dont know how this happened as the box was totally fine.
Sent it back and still have yet to receive a replacement or refund.
Anyway… One thing I hate is when people additionally wrap albums in bubble wrap and then put too much tape on it.
Its hard to cut that open carefully.
Also when the record is «protected» like this but is in a polysleeve the polysleeve gets warped or stretched….
People, please just use those cardboard corners and 30cm cardboard slugs!
Are there any competion, vinylhuntingwise, on a tour w Sunn O?
We understand that there are other discaholics in the group?
Or do you simply just share?
Not really too much in the way of competition but we have had some problems in Japan running in to the 70s jazz bootlegs section.
Usually we are too obsessed by our own interests at the time though.
Greg is a fucking discaholic but also abuses amazon prime at home to satisfy his cravings.
Attila is the guy with the cheapest MP3 player you would find at a Polish airport kiosk filled with bad industrial MP3s.
Is trading records the most fun you can have with your clothes on?
Is trading records the ultimate intimacy?
Not really, probably because I want to keep everything I have… even the disappointments!
I get jealous sometimes when my own records are then resold for a big markup.
What is the first section you hit, while arriving to a vinyl shop, where you have never been before?
My teenage taste leads me to «experimental» or «metal» as a distraction for a few minutes.
The section where you would never look in?
What is your favorite record shop in the world?
Can only answer with Nostalgia.
I loved Second Time Around in Seattle in the early 90s.
They also sold guitars and bongs.
A-Musik: my taste matches very closely to what they have and good new discoveries are always made there.
Favorite city for vinyl hunting?
NYC used to rule, before it started to be shit.
How is Paris these days, when it comes finding good shit?
Souffle and Bimbo are fun for new stuff.
Dame Blanche is fucking great….
As are the record fairs.
When Whitman is in town my radar gets realigned.
Sun Ra vinyls: I only own reissues but have hundreds of albums from torrents sorry!
There are a lot of funny erotic sleeves out there from the 60s; the «My Pussy is for Daddy» BEACON-305 sleeve being a prime example.
Also please find attached a recent favorite 7» sleeve by Sandro Becker.
We can all relate to this cover I think.
I like to pose some of my fave covers and albums on the wall… nothing was changed for this photo.
Is this interview too long?
What new gems on vinyl will see the light on Ideologic label in the future?
There is an Ai Aso LP coming out next month.
She is a great songwriter from Tokyo.
We are planning on doing LPs by PITA, Attila and NAZORANAI later this year.
I would love to do that as a vinyl box but simply do not have anywhere near the correct resources or attentions to make that idea work successfully.
Any 7 inch ideas for the label?
I also prefer the album format for many reasons the main is which the sense of attention required to mentally digest the format.
What Scandinavian vinyls are you looking for, at the moment?
You know what is silly?
I used to love it, was fun to release albums on colored, but these days I prefer black… I dont care about collector value at all, just the classic black vinyl.
We still use colored vinyl as a marketing tactic though, people love it.
Ok some solid colors are not bad like white… also solid colors in transparents can be appropriate if the music is so luscious and sweet… that you want it to be candy.
Transparent lucky spin records is pretty nice.
I like total clear vinyl too sometimes.
But the absolute worst is this splatter coloring system that GZ made popular.
Looks like fucking vomit after a night Robotripping or on the NyQuil or a god damned slurpee… arent musicians horrified and embarrassed to present their hard work with a barf coloured splatter LP?
I also love LP labels.
Over the years I discovered that the LP labels were often the best part of the design and also the part I enjoyed the most.
These can be even more important than the sleeve since they are after all the part you watch when you put the record on the deck.
They are in that way more intimately connected to the music than the sleeve also an opinion on the color of the vinyl.
I love the polysleeves too and like to make sure that as many of the LPs are in them as possible.
I have some mylar ones with the heat sealed edges for some of the more important LPs.
Somehow these polysleeves clean up the collection a lot… and they create a sense of calm amongst the chaos of the collection at the same time.
Do you work with a wantlist?
I just checked discogs right now and noticed that I have a want list with 98 items on it.
What is highest up on that list?
What does Fylkingen records means to you?
They even have space to place your pint next to the record bins in the shop!
That is very very thoughtful and humane.
What single vinyl release got you going to start play the guitar?
Maybe Melvins «Bullhead» or «Lysol».
What vinyl makes you wanna stop playing the guitar?
I get discouraged from my mediocre playing so-called «styles» on a frequent basis, often wonder why to bother.
Especially when I have the miracle of finding myself not only in the same room but on stage with people like Haino or Lucier.
Too close to the flame sometimes?
Who do you wanna see get interviewed in this serie of discaholic interviews?
You should contact this guy Fabio I met in the beautiful Rio De Janiero.
He is doing Supernut records and the guy has 30000 LPs in a two bedroom apartment, takes visitors buyers by appointment only.
I am told he is the expert on Tropicalia in Rio but is also a metalhead and stoner rock bad taste fan.
Found a lot of great Brazilian psych records when I visited him as well as long wanted Walter Smetak LP and a Suya indingenous music LP… and some Clementina De Jesus LPs one of which I am going to put on right now… What record is closest to sex?
Takehisa Kosugi «Catch Wave».
Also original Japanese vinyl versions of «Pangea» and «Aghartha».
Which one is no sex at all?
Or maybe Megadeth is worse?



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