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Egenskaperna som du får gör det väldigt smidigt och roligt att ta dig igenom staden, vilket är free download treasure hunt games for pc stort plus.
Storyn är intressant och har en del sköna tvister, hela stridssystemet är sjukt skönt, roliga bossfighter och Zeke, som är en underbar karaktär.
Det negativa är: Robotfienderna känns löjliga, staden känns repetiv i slutet, samt något jag säkert inte kommer ihåg just nu.
Tycker det är ett coolt spel som har väldigt snygg grafik och bra ljud, dock så var det här inte min typ av spel.
Alltså att gå runt och prata med folk och att valen man gör ändrar hela storyn så att man måste göra varenda sak rätt för att inte fucka upp nått.
Sen var det mycket cutscenes också, fy fan.
Sista uppdraget var lätt det roligaste och cutscensen i slutet gillade jag faktiskt att kolla på ovanligt.
Lirat klart Red Dead Redemption nu och ett riktigt höjdarspel!
Ett riktigt trevlig FPS spel som utspelar sig i dagtid samt runt 50-talet.
Man är Nathaniel Renko, en soldat som åker ut till en ö Katorga-12 då ett larm har gjort militären misstänksamma.
Din helikopter kraschar och du måste försöka hitta ett sätt att komma tillbaka.
Storyn i sig var riktigt bra, grafiken var fin om även något oslipad på sina ställen och spelet går från lite skräck stämning i början till mer schysst action.
De "pussel" som finns i spelet var inte spec.
Det var mer DOOM stil över dom dvs.
Något som störde mig väldigt var att man är extremt begränsad på var man kan gå.
Det är absolut inget fritt spel, utan man kan bara gå dit spelmakarna vill att du ska gå.
Ett riktigt trevlig FPS spel som utspelar sig i dagtid samt runt 50-talet.
Man är Nathaniel Renko, en soldat som åker ut till en ö Katorga-12 då ett larm har gjort militären misstänksamma.
Din helikopter kraschar och du måste försöka hitta ett sätt att komma tillbaka.
Storyn i sig var riktigt bra, grafiken var fin om även något oslipad på sina ställen och spelet går från lite skräck stämning i början till mer schysst action.
De "pussel" som finns i spelet var inte spec.
Det var mer DOOM stil över dom dvs.
Något som störde mig väldigt var att man är extremt begränsad på var man kan gå.
Det är absolut inget fritt spel, utan man kan bara gå dit spelmakarna vill att du ska gå.
Uncharted 2 If you haven't played Uncharted yet, do so.
Uncharted is one of the best games Playstation 3 have to offer and a must have if you have the console.
The story is inspired by movies like Romancing the Stone, a lighthearted adventure filled with action, romance, fun oneliners and excellent chemistry between the main characters.
Uncharted 2 is ofcourse the sequel which means you are going to meet all the characters again and you can expect plenty of improvements to the already amazing engine.
Story Sparing you spoilers.
Given how absolutely awesome the story in Uncharted 1 was, I say that the story in part 2 wasn't as good but still ok.
You will see most of the faces from the first game return for another adventure, this time a lost treasure found by Marco Polo is the goal, but it doesn't feel as much of a mystery.
The first Uncharted had an excellent mix of characters and the sequel adds a few new, but if you ask me they aren't as deep and interesting as the characters from the first.
Also, Sullivan is underused if you ask me.
Granted, a modern PC might be able to give even better visual FX, but the amount of attention given to detail in Uncharted 2 is top notch.
Such attention doesn't require a great machine, but it requires time and effort.
There are plenty of improvements to the graphics quality which means that Uncharted 2 looks even better than the first one.
What sets Uncharted apart for me is the animation, which feels close to Assassin's Creed in smoothness.
In my opinion, the music isn't as good as Uncharted, but it still does it's trick.
The new levels looks great.
I especially like the night sequence in the very beginning of the game and the few coming right after it.
If you get that far, the train level seems to take place on a HUMONGOUS map.
Pay attention to how the scenery changes.
I thought it looked great.
Still, in the second half of the game I couldn't help feeling I was playing one of the recent Tomb Raider games.
I can't put my finger on it.
Of course, the charred ruins of Uncharted sometimes looked like Gears of War but that's because a burned out city looks like that.
Uncharted felt different because you were chasing a down-to-earth kind of treasure in realistic ruins.
In Uncharted 2 you have large temples with large machines and large statues.
But that's not the only thing I felt was taken from TR.
How about snowy mountains, yetis, wolves, and an indian guide?
There were also a bit I felt to be inspired by Resident Evil 5.
No, not horror, but one of the surprise areas felt a lot like one of the surprise areas in RE5.
It blends theese two extraordinary well.
In fact, I would go as far as to say that in ease of control and fun, U2 beats both.
But it also beats it's prequel by removing many of the nuisances and stuff that actually was more frustrating than fun.
First I am happy to say that most of the "tap this button that appears on screen to survive the cutsequence" is gone, I hate the buttonmashing sequences and hope that they are history now.
The "Tomb Raider" gameplay have been reduced.
In the Tomb Raider-series and in Uncharted you could almost guess that the looong way around with alot of climbing and jumping around was the way to penetrate to the next area.
U2 is more focused on action.
This is fine by me.
You can no longer climb ropes you hang on, at least what I saw, but you do not need to.
You do not need to rotate your joypad stick to rotate in-game wheels.
You don't need to use your motion sensitive controller to keep balance.
Easier in fact than every free download treasure hunt games for pc similar game I played, including the first.
This make cover much more convenient in U2 and you will use it all the time, but that doesn't mean you need to use it.
Cover simply feels that it makes more sense than what you might be used to in other games.
Less forced, more useful.
Interestingly, there are fewer destroyable covers in U2 than in U1.
U2 also adds more weapons but none that feels that new, except for maybe a scoped assault rifle FAL.
Grenades are much easier to use in the second game and thus far more useful.
U2 also have a much greater emphasis on stealth.
In fact, stealth is a very useful approach in the 2nd game, much more so than in the first.
Unarmed is greatly improved, the combos are gone, now you just mash SQUARE for attack and TRIANGLE for countermove, and you cannot fail by simply mashing the button.
That said about combat, it might be subjective but placements seem to make more sense in U2.
There are no "army appearing out of nowhere".
There are very few "conveniently placed fuel drums scattered all over the place to be shot by you".
In Uncharted, several of the levels was about driving and using a vehicle.
The "you go here, I use the turret" or "you drive, I shoot" sequences aren't in the second game.
Still, there are new challenges, including a long train sequence.
Turrets are much less used now, most of the time it's the enemies who control them and you have to take them out.
Finally, checkpoints are much more friendly in this game.
You aren't going to replay long if you die.
This, and the friendlier cover system, makes U2 a lot more easier than it's prequel.
Final Conclusions If you played Uncharted, chances are you already have this game.
If you haven't, get it now.
If you thought Uncharted was a nuisance, the second game might just be for you.
There's really nothing in Uncharted 2 that would make me not recommend free download treasure hunt games for pc, it's optimised to perfection.
However, I think the game takes a step down in story, mystery, atmosphere and character building.
Only a day after finishing the game I have already forgotten much of it's story, while I still remember Uncharted a few years later.
Assassin's Creed II Play an übercool assassin who beat up adultressing housbounds and chase feathers on italian rooftops during the renaissance.
A good example of how more can be less.
Story First Assassin's Creed took place during the crusades, with the Assassin Altair.
In the second game you play Vezio, an italian assassin in Florence during the renaissance.
Of course, those who played the first game know that's not the real story, and the real story of course continues in the second game.
In the beginning of the game you get to know the family of Vezio, an italian cassanova, who's life is just about to go really bad.
Sparing too many spoilers, he end up as an assassin who continues the story of Altair from the first game.
The story is mostly presented in cutscenes and is fairly well written.
Assassin's Creed is based on historical events.
Most of the characters in game are real historical people, and if you look up what's known about them, they mostly tie well into the events of the of course fictional game.
If you thought that the first game was a big mystery, the second game is even stranger, with some really trippy moments.
Since the second game takes place in Italy, expect to see Florence and Venezia mapped out in full glory, including many special landmarks.
The voice acting is superior.
I thought it was great that the first game had actual voices in german, french and great britain english, and since the second game takes place in italy you are going to hear a lot of italian.
Gameplay I wanted to spend the bulk of this mini-review discussing my issues with the gameplay.
Consider this; you have some of the must stunning in-game maps in history of gaming.
You have animations that leaves most games behind.
You have a really deeply investigated storyline with excellent voice actors.
Then why make the in-game missions far too often feel like an MMORPG?
New area reached, now collect 9 feathers, collect ~20 treasures, visit ~5 viewpoints.
Then you can take missions like "beat up my adultress housbound" to earn money.
AC2 is a definite improvement over AC1 in variation, and you do not actually need to take the silly bonusmissions, but still, someone need to fire the quest-maker and hire someone who can take the game seriously.
These quests do not add anything to the game, they are just generic content that is out of place.
Furthermore I would like to discuss that there should be a limit to "achiements".
Collecting 330 treasures and 100 feathers simply isn't the kind of achievements a game like this should have.
It's just a huge timesink that takes no brain to develop, is mostly boring, but is forced upon you anyway if you wish a 100% completion.
The game took maybe 5 times longer with that stuff added to it, and I think it actually made the game less fun in the end.
That said, I did 100% completion.
AC2 adds some new features over AC1, but as far as I concern, nothing new stood out for me.
You get a gun, eventually, but you already had throwing daggers so why having a gun?
You have a flying stage, in which you take a flying machine over Venecia, but that was mostly frustrating and not fun.
The best feature was the ability to update a small hometown by renovating it.
Renovate it and you get paid over time, money that is collected in a box for you.
Unfortunate, there weren't much to do with the money.
You can buy stuff in shops, like new weapons and armor, but you still get money so fast that even the most expensive items barely feels in the wallet.
Conclusion If you decide to play Assassin's Creed II, ignore the treasure hunt.
It's not worth your lifetime.
Also ignore the feathers.
You can probably find the tiny cutscene you get if you find 100 feathers on youtube.
It's not worth the time.
Also ignore the sidequests, like races, beating up housbounds, yeah even the bonus assassin missions.
They are not worth it.
Follow this advice, and AC2 is a really fun game.
Klarade ut Red Dead Redemption för nån vecka sen, riktigt bra spel med mycket att göra och bra story.
Lego Harry Potter Year 1-4.
Overlord was a great surprise.
This is the best DLC I ever played from Bioware and frankly one of the best DLC's I ever played.
Overlord is a four episode adventure that together is an uncommonly long experience for a DLC about 2 hours.
This is not just another planet assignment, this is well designed through and through.
The levels are well designed with cool and unique features, some so new that you wouldn't be able to see them coming.
Do not expect rehashed contet here.
The atmosphere is superb and the story actually gave me wet eyes when the truth was finally revealed.
Firewalker is a free download and in my opinion it's a pretty meaningless addition to the game, but at least it's free.
The PC version had keymap settings for a vehicle but there were no vehicle in the game.
Firewalker adds 5-6 missions exclusive for the Firewalker vehicle.
Firewalker unlike the MAKO is a hovering vehicle with the capacity free download treasure hunt games for pc jump short distances as well as mine.
Mining requires you to find a yellow ring on the ground, then press the mine button when on top of it.
This cause the firewalker to shake and you need to try to keep it within the circle for a few seconds.
If sucessful you might get some resources or money.
The final reward is a new item for Shepherds private room.
Kasumi is a new henchman.
She is a master thief, and just like all other henchmen Kasumi comes with her own loyalty mission.
I thought the whole loyalty mission was cool and well done, even if it's very short.
Finishing it also gives you a new room on the Normandy for her and she can be used as a regular character from that on.
She have an unusual ability that allow her to hide, then sneak up and backstab one of the enemies.
I thought it was worth the price.



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